Swerve Showcases the Label’s Imprints by Dropping 3 Releases on Each Sub-Label

Today is a pretty unique day for the overall collective of Swerve Collective Creations. Typically, here at Swerve we like to focus on every release and typically that means we only focus on at a maximum one release per week. By giving us more time in between releases, we not only focus on quality and ensure our releases outshine any competitor’s discography, but also provide ourselves with adequate planning time to pitch, market, and inevitably sell the track the best as we possibly can with our resources available.

All that being said, this week we took a risk to showcase our vision. Our forward-thinking approach of breaking the collective into smaller sections (imprints) is a small step in the direction of our eventually end goal to becoming more than just a record label. As house music comes in different varieties, we want to be able to capture those different sounds into appropriate venues and market them as such.

2 September marks a day where Swerve begins branching into different markets. The end goal is to bring in fans of house together and showcase what other sub- genres have to offer because at the end of the day, it’s all house music

Test Drive was the original “imprint” if you want to call it that. Swerve had most of its success releasing future house, electro house, and other energetic sub-genres for the past couple of years. Tech house releases were sprinkled in but released under one collective “label.” The separation now gives a more direct listening experience (we think) so depending on what you’re trying to listen to at a particular time, it’s too easy to navigate to one of the imprints and press play

Regarding the releases, the come from talented artists, as is the norm here at Swerve. Test Drive showcases a throwback progressive house tune from Minerva Bros. Their track “Bleeding in Love” captures the nostalgia of the glory days of 2012-2014 house music. Accelerated (the tech-y imprint) conjures up groove and new swerve artist ShufflinZombie brings the vibes with “Don’t Stop.” And to bring the Detour imprint to life we have Rolfeee, a Finnish artist who makes his return to Swerve with “Endlessly,” a pure and emotive progressive house tune.

Super proud to showcase these releases from these talented artists! Tune on in to the genre specific imprints as well when you are feeling a specific vibe.

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