// driving under the influence of good music.

// house music.

dope house music from three different imprints

// solid sounds.

high quality samples and project files for sale.

// community

a strong collection of friends and family who share the same passion.

[insert cool featured release slider here showcasing the last 5/6 releases]

our house

// there’s something for every house fan here.

// test drive

the main imprint. from future house to progressive and everything in between. something for every mainstage fan.

// accelerated

the tech imprint. smooth groove and driving baselines that make for a strong and savory vibe.

// detour

the progressive imprint. the pretty stuff. chill music with a dab of energy all topped with pure emotion

swerve sounds: family edition vol.1

// a collection of sounds from various swerve artists.

latest news.

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contact us.