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Aitor Hertz’s New Sample Pack + An Exclusive Interview

Hopefully many of you have seen the latest and greatest news from Swerve – if not – here it is again. Aitor Hertz has teamed up with Swerve to deliver the freshest sample pack to date. Swerve Sounds: Aitor Hertz Essentials Vol. 1 is a mainstage powerhouse to add to your sample library. With over 100 presets and 50 finely crafted presets for Serum, you literally cannot go wrong purchasing this one. Plus, we’re running a discount; the pack retails for $30 but for a limited time you can grab the entire pack for only $26.

Ultra Miami 2024: A Celebration of Music, Luxury, and Couch Parties

Ultra Music Festival, the epitome of electronic dance music extravagance, is set to take over Miami once again in 2024. As the festival continues to gain popularity, it’s no surprise that the tickets come with a hefty price tag. For many, the dream of attending Ultra Miami may seem out of reach, but fear not – there’s no shame in joining the global audience watching the spectacle from the comfort of their couches.

What the Heck is an “ID”?

If you see ID next to a track name it can be frustrating as you may want to purchase that track and support that artist, or you just really want that track in your personal library because it’s a banger. Sometimes that is not possible, and it could be for a number of reasons.

Navigating the Labyrinth: The Confusing World of Music Publishing

The music industry is a complex tapestry woven with creativity, passion, and, unfortunately, confusion. While artists pour their hearts into creating melodies that resonate with listeners, the business side of the industry can be a daunting maze to navigate. One particularly perplexing aspect is music publishing – an intricate web of rights, royalties, and Performance Rights Organizations (PROs).

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs List: A Cringe-Worthy Popularity Contest

We anticipated another year to discover which DJ had the most extensive advertising budget. Now, the DJ Mag Top 100 rankings are out, a list that has lost its enchantment over time.