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Discovery Mode: The Death of Spotify


Swerve Sounds: Reviews From Producers

Last month we dropped our inaugural sample pack titled “Swerve Sounds: Family Edition Vol. 1” and it has since been downloaded numerous times across the world by producers in the community for use in their future productions.

Swerve Mashup Pack Vol. 1 Drops to Bring in the New Year

Welcome to our first volume of the “Swerve Mashup Pack”.

Welcome to swerve.cc

A bit out of order since we’ve posted a few blogs already, but a warm welcome to the site!

What’s Coming V: Our Perspective

Every few months we like to showcase the next batch of releases scheduled for release in the form of a mini-mix.  The reason for this actually stemmed from another record label that I grew up listening to and found inspiration for Swerve through.  That label would showcase their handful of releases of what was to come and the comments on Soundcloud were always incredible positive and forward-thinking.  Reflecting on the past 2 years, I personally find comments of support and excitement to be at least in the top 3 things that get the dopamine flowing, which in turn generates more…