Swerve x MNTN Records: A Future Bounce Community Collaboration

A few months ago we here at Swerve started brainstorming some ideas for content and engagement. A big one that stuck with us and one we’ve been meaning to action was a collaborative release with another record label. We’ve also always been driven by the community of producers that follow Swerve and the future house genre as a whole. Far too many producers make quality music that goes unnoticed because A&Rs of labels often don’t actually invest time into brand awareness or give thought about what how receptive the community will be of a release and rather focus solely on pitching to editorials and signing tracks that fit into the current trend.

We reached out to another label with a similar fan base and passion for releasing high quality music and pitched the idea of a community driven release revolving around the concept of future bounce never dying out despite the genre not being a popular one (in the mainstream). The MNTN team happily joined the project and together, we created assets for a project in the spirit of community.

We took it a step further than just a single release. This 4-track EP is a community statement that future bounce, while not a mainstream genre by any means, is a genre packed with energy, has an entire producer community backing it, and has a place on the festival mainstage.

Listen to the full EP right here:

And if you want more Future Bounce, we’ve created a collaborative playlist on Spotify for all of our top tracks!

Really proud of this landmark achievement for Swerve and a special shoutout goes to Bjorn and the MNTN team for the support in making it come to fruition. We thank you for listening and remember – #futurebounceneverdied

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