What’s Coming V: Our Perspective

Every few months we like to showcase the next batch of releases scheduled for release in the form of a mini-mix.  The reason for this actually stemmed from another record label that I grew up listening to and found inspiration for Swerve through.  That label would showcase their handful of releases of what was to come and the comments on Soundcloud were always incredible positive and forward-thinking. 

Reflecting on the past 2 years, I personally find comments of support and excitement to be at least in the top 3 things that get the dopamine flowing, which in turn generates more creativity and modernization. 

Outside of the obvious that I’m a complete fanatic for Electronic Dance Music, I appreciate music for what it is – art.  Too many new producers come up and release on an indie label just to get kicked to the curb (metaphorically) when the label half-asses promo and does nothing outside of botting stream counts and posting a few things to their socials.  I preach this a lot, but Swerve is more of a community and I take that passion for EDM and funnel it into the rostered artists here.  The What’s Coming mix is just another way of channeling that and giving our audience more to look forward to because at the end of the day, music is art and it needs to be shared with as many people as possible!

Tangent over.  You can tune into the new What’s Coming mix now live on the Swerve SoundCloud.  A link is on the home page and we’ll embed one down below as well.  Drop in on SoundCloud and leave us a comment with which one you’re most excited for!

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